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Updated 05/17/2014


Canadians have higher median income than Americans.
Canadians receive essentially free health care.
The average American worker tols 4.6% more than hours than a Canadian, 21 percent more than a French, and 28 percent more than a German.
Canadians and Europeans live longer than Americans.
American women are twice as likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth than Canadians.
The top 1% in America now own assets worth more than those held by the entire bottom 90%.
The six Walmert heirs are worth as much as the bottom 41% of American households.
The top six hedge fund managers and traders averaged more than $2 billion each in earnings in 2013, and pay only 15% due to the "carried interest" tax scandal.
Nicholas Kristof, "It's Now the Canadian Dream", New York Times, May 15, 2014

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Causes that are really worth supporting.  Just do it -- log on, join them, send them a contribution.  Do it today !!!!!!
** ==> Tax-deductible (501-c-3) organization

Americans United for Separation of Church and State -- at
The nation's pre-eminent group fighting to keep our government from becoming a theocracy -- to preserve our heritage of secular government where religious beliefs are a matter of individual conscience.  Extremely important cause and group.
At 518 C Street NE, Washington DC 20002 -- 202-466-3234
Beyond Nuclear - at
The single most important US organization fighting nuclear power and for a safe-energy future.  Tremendously effective and hard-working. 
At 6930 Carroll Ave #400, Takoma Park MD 20912 -- 301-270-2209
Center for Biological Diversity -- ** -- at
Campaigner for endangered species and habitat protection, opposition to oil drilling on public lands and offshore.  Both scientific and legal strategies to save polar bears, ssea turtles and hundreds of other species on the brink of extinction.  The most effective endangered species protection group in the country.
At PO Box 710, Tucson AZ 85702-0710 -- 866-357-3349
Center for Reproductive Rights ** -- at
Major campaigner for pro-choice on the national and international stage.  Litigation, research, lobbying.
At 120 Wall St., New York NY 10005 -- 917-637-3600
Citizens Utility Board -- at
Highly effective group fighting to protect the citizens of Illinois against unjustified electric and gas utility rate hikes.
At 309 W. Washington St. #800, Chicago IL 60606 -- 800-669-5556
Compassion and Choices -- at
National organization for the "death with dignity movement" -- working for the right to exit if and when suffering becomes intolerable.  Effective, formed from the merger of several separate organizations.
At PO Box 101810, Denver CO 80250 -- 800-247-7421
Death With Dignity National Center -- at
One of the three major national organizations in the death-with-dignity movement -- focuses especially on state-by-state legislative initiatives.
At 520 SW 6th Ave # 1220, Portland OR 97204 -- 503-228-4415
Drug Policy Alliance - at
Works to mitigate the horrendous harm caused by the "War on Drugs", which is really a war on all of us, especially poor people.  Legalize it, that's what I say.
At 70 W. 36th St, 16th fl, New York NY 10018 -- 212-613-8020
Emily's List -- at
Tremendously effective funder of pro-choice legislators.  Vitally important.
At 1120 Connecticut Ave NW Suite 1100, Washington DC 20036 -- 202-326-1400
Environment Illinois - at 
The major Illinois environmental group -- a spinoff from the Illinois Public Interest Research Group (IL PIRG) -- fights for clean energy, stopping Great Lakes dumping, cleaning up pollution, our state parks, etc.
At 407 S. Dearborn Suite 701, Chicago IL 60605 - 312-291-0696
Environmental Law and Policy Center -- at
Protecting the Midwest's environmental and natural heritage.  Tremendously effective group promoting the development of clean energy, growing eco-business, advancing smart transportation, and protecting natural places.
At 35 E. Wacker Drive, Suite 1300, Chicago IL 60601-2110 -- 312-673-6500
Equality Now - at
Tremendously effective, truly international group that fights for women's rights, especially to stop genital mutilation.  Builds consensus country by country, working with local women, changing the law, changing the culture.  Publishes wonderful quarterly magazine in English, French and Arabic.
Feminist Majority - at
"Working for women's equality from the streets to the Congress" -- fighting to preserve the right to abortion -- a critical organization in Washington.
At 1600 Wilson Blvd. Suite 801, Arlington VA 22209 -- 703-522-2214
Feminist Majority Foundation -- at
Tremendously effective advocate for feminist causes.  Especially involved in defending clinics and abortion providers.  Really really important.
At 1600 Wilson Blvd. Suite 801, Arlington VA 22209 -- 703-522-2214
Final Exit Network - at
The most important of the three major national organizations that make up the Death With Dignity movement.
At PO Box 664, Pennington NJ 08534 -- 866-654-9156
See also Compassion and Choices, Death With Dignity National Center, and Euthanasia World Directory
Friends Committee on National Legislation - at
Quaker peaceniks -- with a long, proud, and incredibly valuable history.  One of the best sources on the absurdities and waste of the war budget.  Where would we be without the Quaker peaceniks?
At 245 Second St NE, Washington DC 20002-5795 -- 800-630-1330
Friends of the Earth ** - at
One of the earliest and most tireless campaigners against nuclear power, for safe energy and against environmental devastation.
Based in both California and DC.
At 1100 15th St NW, 11th fl, Washington DC 20005 -- 202-783-7400
Hands of Peace - at
Unique Chicago-area organization that brings together Palestinian and Israeli kids, together with American kids of all backgrounds, for two weeks of dialog and friendship.  Creates those ongoing links that can bridge the terrible hatreds and misunderstandings that divide us and make it so hard to envision the conflict ever being resolved.
At 1000 Elm St, Glenview IL 60025 -- 224-406-5045
Green America - at
The environmental arm of Co-Op America, and the publisher of the Green American, the Green Pages, and the Guide to Socially Responsible Investing.  Wonderful group.
At 1612 K Street NW, Suite 600, Washington DC 20006 -- 800-584-7336
Greenpeace - at
The global environmental group, tremendously effective.  Focuses on safe energy, global warming, no nukes, no coal, the oceans, etc. etc. etc.
At 702 H St. NW Suite 300, Washington DC 20001 -- 800-722-6995
Illinois Choice Action Team - at
The Illinois arm of NARAL Pro-Choice America
Illinois PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) - at
The Illinois outpost of the Public Interest Research Group movement, originally founded by Ralph Nader.  An invaluable campaigner for the common good, ranging from safer food, public transit, product safety, etc.
At 407 S. Dearborn #701, Chicago IL 60605 -- 312-291-0441
International Planned Parenthood Federation -- at
The international arm of the worldwide movement.  In the western hemisphere, does a tremendous amount of work to assist poor and marginalized women in Latin America and the Caribbean.
At 120 Wall St. 9th fl, New York NY 10005-3902 -- 212-248-6400
Marijuana Policy Project -- at
Major national group fighting against this most absurd of all drug prohibitions -- that incarcerates people and ruins lives for ingesting an herb that's safer than alcohol and has a world of medical uses besides.  The "war on drugs" is an absurd failure -- it's just an excuse to persecute minorities.
At 236 Massachusetts Ave NE Suite 400, Washington DC 20002-4980 -- 202-462-5747
The Nation -- at
Wonderful and indispensable progressive publication, with a more than 125-year history.  Always a good read.  Subscribe !!!
At 33 Irving Place, New York NY 10003 -- 212-209-5400
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare -- at
The single best of the groups working to preserve and extend these two critically important federal programs.
At 10 G Street NE, Suite 600, Washington DC 20002-4215 -- 202-216-0420
National Organization for Women (NOW) -- at
The major national feminist organization, with a long and illustrious history dating to 1966.  If you're a feminist, you should be a member -- and everybody should be a feminist.
At 1100 H St. NW, 3rd fl., Washington DC 20005 -- 202-628-8669
And contribute to the NOW Foundation -- for hard-hitting educational work -- at
Natural Resources Defense Council -- at
Probably the single most effective of the major national environmental organizations.  Protects our Artic waters against oil drilling in fragile coastal areas, fights filthy open-pit mining in the heart of Alaska's natural areas, campaigns tirelessly for clean eenrgy and against dirty fossil fuels.  Publishes "On Earth", a truly wonderful magazine. 
At 40 W. 20th St., New York 10011 -- 212-727-4500
People for the American Way -- at
Tremendously effective progressive group, founded by Norman Lear.  It's 2011 agenda calls for fighting the right-wing agenda to repeal health care reform, roll back civil rights protections, continue legalized discrimination against gays and lesbians, undermine women's reproductive rights, diminish the role of the federal government, and attack Social Security.  Fight now and prepare for the 2012 election.
At 2000 M Street NW Suite 400, Washington DC 20036 -- 202-467-4999
Personal PAC -- at
Extremely effective Illinois pro-choice political and advocacy organization -- we can thank Personal PAC for saving us from an anti-choice governor -- stages major and high profile fund-raisers.
At 134 N. LaSalle St. Suite 2040, Chicago IL 60602 -- 312-422-0005
Pesticide Action Network -- ** -- at
Campaigner to keep toxic pesticides out of our food -- protecting children's health by winning global bans on toxic pesticides linked to birth defects and reproductive dysfunction, investigating "Big Ag" corporations.  Points out link between pesticides and collapse of honeybee populations.  Great group.
At 49 Powell St. #500, San Francisco CA 94102 -- 415-981-1771
Planned Parenthood Federation of America - at
The single most important provider of reproductive health services and advocate for pro-choice.  Tremendously effective.
At 434 W. 33rd St., New York NY 10001 -- 212-541-7800 or 800-430-4907
Planned Parenthood Action Fund - at
The advocacy and political arm of Planned Parenthood Federation of America
At 434 W. 33rd St., New York NY 10001 -- 800-430-4907
Planned Parenthood of Illinois - at
The Illinois arm of Planned Parenthood -- critically important component of the movement right here.  Runs a network of clinics across Illinois
At 18 S. Michigan Ave 6th fl., Chicago IL 60603 -- 312-592-6800
Planned Parenthood Illinois Action - at
Focuses on beating back anti-abortion bills in the Illinois legislature.  Couldn't be more important in this day and age.
At 18 S. Michigan Ave 6th fl., Chicago IL 60603 -- 312-592-6800
Population Connection -- ** -- at
Formerly Zero Population Growth.  The most effective of the groups working for international family planning, and arguing that unchecked global population growth is a direct threat to all of us, and has inflicted enormous suffering on the world's most vulnerable women.
At 2120 L St. NW Suite 500, Washington DC 20037 -- 800-767-1956
Public Citizen -- at
Founded by Ralph Nader. Determined and effective crusader on issues including business liability, campaign finance reform, corporate crime, corporate welfare, drug safety, energy policy, health care, Medicare, nuclear waste, globalization, food safety, etc. etc. etc.  Indispensable and incredibly valuable.
At 1600 20th St NW, Washington DC 20009 -- 202-588-1000
Waterkeeper Alliance -- ** -- at
Strong fighter against pollution especially water pollution -- sues corporate polluters especially mining companies, fights against coal ash pits, works to reduce mercury emissions, opposes pollution from factory farms.  Very effective.
At 17 Battery Place #1329, New York NY 10004 -- 212-747-0622
Wilderness Society -- ** -- at
Founded in 1935 -- the leading American conservation organization fighting to protect public lands from mining, logging and other depredations.
At 1615 M Street NW, Washington DC 20036 -- 202-833-2300
World Wildlife Fund -- ** at
Fifty years old, the world's leading wildlife conservation organization -- works in 100 countries worldwide.
At 1250 Twenty Fourth St NW, Washington DC 96555 -- 800-960-0993