I’m a lifelong Chicagoan, a product of the Chicago public schools, widowed in 2016 after 38 years, moved to Crystal Lake for love with my new partner in 2019. I have one daughter, various grandkids, and am semi-retired from a corporate career.

And I’m a Democrat, a proud member of the Democratic Party of McHenry County, precinct committeeperson for the Algonquin 13 precinct since 2020 and chairperson for District Two, one of our nine county board districts. We Dems aren’t perfect … but we’re a heckuva lot better than the alternative. I’m a Democrat because:

  • I want an economy that works for all of us — I want EVERYBODY to have a comfortable life, not just the super-rich. I want our taxes to be fair, I want billionaires to pay their fair share. It bugs me when I see people living on the street and old people worrying about how they’re going to survive.
  • I want all of us to have health care, to be able to go the doctor when we’re sick and the dentist every few months no matter what.
  • I want women to be able to go to the doctor and make the most intimate and private decisions about their bodies, including and especially whether to continue or terminate a pregnancy, without worrying about what some busybody thinks (I want abortion to be available on demand and without apology, as a simple matter of human rights.)
  • I want every child to be able to get a good education, the single most important key to success in our modern world.
  • It bugs me that so many people live in neighborhoods with so much violence. I want us all to be safe and protected. I want violent people put away … but I know that we can’t incarcerate our way out of this problem. And I want common-sense gun regulation. If you insist you need a weapon for personal protection, and you’re a law-abiding citizen, I won’t stand in your way. But no assault weapons and no private arsenals. The status quo is intolerable and needs to change.
  • I want people to be treated equitably and fairly. Everybody should have equality of opportunity and equality before the law, no matter their skin color, their gender or sexual orientation, or anything else. I want America finally to come to terms with the racism of its founding, the original sin of slavery. And I want gay and trans people free to lead lives of dignity and acceptance.
  • And last but not least, I want to protect our environment, to stop and reverse its devastation. I want to replace filthy coal, oil and nukes with clean, infinite and always renewing solar and wind power. And I want McHenry County to boom, to be a center of the huge economic opportunities that are coming along with this urgently-needed transition. Solar power means jobs … lots of good jobs with good, union wages.

So Democrats … come on out !!! Gay people came out, trans people came out … we Dems gotta come out too.

You can reach me at district2@mchenrydems.org or 815-596-0892.
Visit me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ed.gogol.