District 47 School Board Recommendations

McHenry County School District 47 (here’s a map) covers more than 1100 students in nine elementary schools, three middle schools and the Wehde early childhood center, including the communities of Crystal Lake, Lake In The Hills, Lakewood, and Ridgefield. The District 47 school board has four seats up for election on April 4, 2023. Fortunately, we’ve got four great candidates: Dr. Lisa Messinger, PaTrice Dewey, Will Schroeder, and Jonathan Norquist.

Dr. Lisa Messinger:
Email: lisamessingerford47@gmail.com
Website: lisamessingerforschoolboard.com
Lisa writes: “Two years ago I started attending school board meetings. As a Pediatrician as well as a parent of a child in the district, I took a strong interest in how our schools were navigating the pandemic. I watched and advocated for our kids as the focus went from masking and covid mitigation, to CRT and finally anti-LGBTQ rhetoric. These attacks on our public school system have attempted to undermine our trust in our schools, teachers and administrators. What I have learned in speaking with parents over the past several months: the majority of parents want their children to attend schools that celebrate diversity and support inclusion.

“My husband and I moved to Crystal Lake 8 years ago with our son. We chose this community because of its excellent school system and we have not been disappointed. As a Pediatrician practicing in Crystal Lake for the past 7 years, I care deeply about the well being of our community. I would like very much to give back by serving on the school board. Together we will create a bright future for all our kids!”

PaTrice Dewey
Email: patrice@deweyvote.com
Website: deweyvote.com
PaTrice writes: “I’m a Crystal Lake resident for 30 years, graduate of D47 & D155 schools, and a Mom to two children, one in D47, one in private school. I’ve experienced what a fantastic education our local school system can provide. I went to college and the first year was shockingly easy because I had a sound foundational education from my years in Crystal Lake.

“Currently, I hear the complaints about the taxes, the lack of substitute teachers, and the rumblings of people who want to start banning books in our schools. I hear about new housing developments being planned near schools that are already full.

“I’ve decided to run for school board to be a part of facilitating equitable solutions and shifting community perspectives on these issues. I am learning more about the School Board daily and look forward to keeping our community’s majority voice of kindness and equality in this race.

“I believe kindness should continue to be taught and encouraged in our schools. 

“I believe diversity, equity, and inclusion should be firmly integrated into the curriculum because to live in the broader world, children with these skills ingrained will be the new leaders. Teaching children now to include everyone means that no one will be left behind as the world changes.

“I want D47 voters to continue this choice in our schools.  I want D47 voters to feel like their children are getting the best education with the best social learning we can provide.”

Will Schroeder
Email: info@voter4schroeder.com
Website: voter4schroeder.com
Will writes: “I am Will, an Air Force Veteran, Manager of IT, and dad to two children going to school in the District.  I grew up poor and I went to a school that had neither the funds nor the leadership to support the teachers or me. 

I want better opportunities for the children and our future. I want our teachers and students to feel supported, financially and intellectually. I want history to be actual history, scars and all, and science to be science. A good, solid, safe education.”

Jonathan Norquist