Shut down Illinois’ disguised voucher program

In 2017, the then-Republican-controlled state legislature snuck a disguised “voucher” program into law. This awful program loots our hard-earned tax dollars — money that should be going to support our public schools — and funnels it to private and typically sectarian, religious schools.

They gave it a catchy title — “Invest In Kids” — and the looting is indirect. You give money to a private agency, that agency then gives most of it away for scholarships for whomever they choose at whatever school they choose — and then you take a credit on your state taxes at 75 cents on the dollar. They don’t call it a voucher program … but the effect is the same: our public schools are starved for funds while private religious institutions get the cash that would have gone to the public schools.

And it’s un-American. It violates the separation of church and state, the bedrock principle of our democracy. We’re all entitled to our own religious beliefs … but the government shouldn’t fund any one of them.

The program will “sunset” at the end of 2023 — but right now our state legislators are hearing from self-interested people trying to get the expiration date extended or worse yet, making this boondoggle permanent. Our legislators need to near from us: No extension … no making it permanent … let it expire at the end of 2023, or repeal it now.

Full details are available in this article in Illinois Daily Line, and at the website of Illinois Families for Public Schools.

And here’s how to find your legislators.

Our public schools here in McHenry County are our pride and joy. Let’s keep them that way and stop the ripoff of our hard-earned tax dollars to fund sectarians.